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Reiki Shakti Unbound - Embrace Healing and the Divine Feminine

Definition: At its core, Shakti Reiki can be defined as a specialized branch of Reiki that places emphasis on tapping into the energy of Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy associated with creation, transformation, and empowerment. This practice aims to awaken and activate this dormant energy within the practitioner, allowing them to channel it for the purpose of healing and personal development.

Significance of the Divine Feminine Energy in Reiki Practice

In traditional Reiki, the emphasis is often on channeling universal life force energy (often referred to as “Ki” in Japanese) for healing purposes. Shakti Reiki expands upon this concept by recognizing the importance of the divine feminine energy in the process. Shakti is associated with qualities such as intuition, compassion, nurturing, and transformation.

The Benefits of Reiki Shakti Treatments

Self-Discovery: Reiki Shakti treatments encourage self-awareness and self-discovery by facilitating a deeper connection to one’s true self. The practice often prompts individuals to explore their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, fostering personal growth and transformation.

Physical Healing

The combination of Reiki and divine feminine energy can support physical healing by targeting energetic blockages, stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms, and promoting the flow of vital energy to areas in need of restoration.


Reiki Shakti treatments promote a sense of empowerment by connecting individuals with their innate strengths and capacities. The divine feminine energy fosters self-confidence, self-love, and the belief in one's own ability to heal and transform.


Enhanced Intuition:

Reiki Shakti can amplify intuitive abilities, helping individuals connect with their inner wisdom and guidance. Practitioners often find that they can trust their intuition more deeply after experiencing regular treatments.

Energetic Clearing:

The combination of Reiki and Shakti energy works to cleanse and balance the energy centers (chakras) and energy field. This process assists in removing stagnant energy and promoting overall energetic well-being.

In the gentle embrace of Reiki Shakti, healing flows like a river, nurturing the body, soothing the mind, and igniting the spirit

Be Ready to heal

In the Bell Rock Vortex


Sedona - Village of Oak Creek. VOC is a small suburb of Sedona. Nearby, there is trail access to Bell Rock and Courthouse. We do all sound healings at a private residence near Bell Rock.

Private Peaceful Setting

Healing sessions take place in the sun-room adjacent to a forest setting. This is a private residence in a sublime natural setting. Relax and release in Sedona....

How Long are Sessions?

A typical treatment lasts about one hour. The final 15 minutes can be energetically potent as the shakti bathes the nervous system in bliss.

How much does it cost?

Check Individual session prices further down this page. You can use Venmo, Paypal, or pay cash at the door.

Reiki Shakti Treatments Galore.


"Who am I ?"


"Everything is Energy"

Extremely Powerful

“My first session with Russell was extremely powerful. Right away, I felt energy moving in my body. Russell had us meditate to clear our minds and allow for messages, visuals, feelings and impressions from the Shakti field.

Russell first checked my energy centers and then moved to my crown and began. He used his hands and his heart energy to help me through a profound clearing process.

My experience was uniquely my own and Russell supported me through it. I have taken the insights I gained forward with me on my path.”

Kristen in Arizona

The Energy Work is Magical

“I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Russell. I had the opportunity to experience this session while visiting Sedona. The session began with a soft drumming, and it helped to relax and quiet my mind.

His energy work is magical. I realized half way through this session that I had experienced this frequency before many years ago, as a kundalini awakening. I had completely forgotten about this earlier experience in my life. This was an important reminder that I could reignite this energy and feel this blissful state anytime I wished.

I would recommend a session without hesitation. Thanks, Russell for making this a truly lovely trip.”

Deborah from Florida

Reiki Shakti Energy

“I had an extraordinary experience with Russell working on me with the Reiki-Shakti energy. Although I have experience working with energy for over 30 years I never had an experience that compared to what transpired in Russell’s beautiful treatment room.

The energy is so strong it is hard to describe as it changes with each session, somehow always providing exactly what you required whether you knew it or not. The effects of the energy last for at least a day if not longer.

You will be transformed, renewed and recharged in a way you have never imagined. Russell’s gentle demeanor masks an extremely powerful energy worker. His vast knowledge of the energy is fascinating and very impressive. If you want to give yourself or a loved one a gift, a session with Russell is the perfect choice.”

Luanne in Sedona

Reiki Shakti is a journey to the core of our being, where the divine feminine's gentle whispers guide us toward wholeness

How Reiki Shakti Promotes Self-love and Acceptance

Reiki Shakti acts as a catalyst for self-love and self-acceptance through its emphasis on the divine feminine energy. As we interact with Shakti energy, we tap into their nurturing and compassionate qualities. This connection fosters a deeper understanding of their strengths and vulnerabilities, leading to enhanced self-compassion.

Additional Benefits

Increased Vitality:
The infusion of life force energy through Reiki Shakti treatments can enhance overall vitality and well-being, leaving individuals feeling rejuvenated and revitalized

Spiritual Growth:
The practice of Reiki Shakti may lead to expanded spiritual awareness and growth. The connection with divine feminine energy allows practitioners to access higher states of consciousness, leading to insights, revelations, and a deeper connection to the spiritual aspects of life.

Reiki Shakti treatments encourage self-awareness and self-discovery by facilitating a deeper connection to one’s true self. The practice often prompts individuals to explore their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, fostering personal growth and transformation.

Pain Management:
Reiki Shakti treatments may assist in managing pain and discomfort by facilitating the release of energetic stagnation and encouraging the body’s innate ability to alleviate pain.

Stress Reduction: Reiki Shakti treatments promote relaxation and reduce stress levels by calming the nervous system and soothing the mind. The nurturing energy of Shakti fosters a sense of tranquility, helping to alleviate tension and anxiety.

Reiki Shakti Radiance – Illuminating Paths of Healing

Origin and History of Reiki Shakti

The origins of Reiki Shakti can be traced back to the ancient spiritual traditions of India, where the concept of Shakti holds great significance. Shakti is often depicted as the divine feminine counterpart to Shiva, the masculine principle. This harmonious interplay of energies represents the cosmic dance of creation and dissolution. Shakti Reiki, as a contemporary practice, emerged . . .

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