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Ran Suzuki Sound and Frequency Facilitator
Ran Suzuki
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The Benefits of Sound Baths

One strong benefit is witnessed with Enhanced Creativity and Intuition. Sound baths can stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, which is associated with creativity, intuition, and non-linear thinking. Participants often report enhanced creative insights and a heightened sense of intuition after experiencing a sound bath.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation:

The soothing and resonant sounds of a sound bath have a profound effect on the nervous system, inducing a deep state of relaxation.

Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing:

Sound therapy incorporates instruments that resonate with specific energy centers (chakras) in the body. Chakras can be re-energized.

sound bath meditation center in sedona az

Enhanced Meditation and Mindfulness:

The immersive nature of a sound bath can greatly enhance meditation and mindfulness practices.

Emotional Release and Healing:

The vibrations and frequencies of sound can resonate with emotional blockages and tension stored within the body.


Sedona - Village of Oak Creek. VOC is a small suburb of Sedona. Nearby, there is trail access to Bell Rock and Courthouse. We do all sound healings at a private residence near Bell Rock.

Private Group Sessions

Up to 16 can be accommodated comfortably here. Sound bath experience is perfect addition for special events and workshops. Contact us for larger groups.

How Long are Sessions?

In general, the sessions last 90 minutes. We have found this to be a nice balance of time to integrate the wide range of healing frequencies. Evening sessions are advised.

How much does it cost?

Sound Meditation sessions are $50.00 per person. Prices on other energy healing modalities are different. You can use Venmo, Paypal, or pay cash at the door.

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