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Learn about the Energy Healing facilitators, with a combined 40 years of experience, we can help you release bound up energies and feel the liberation of an expanded state of consciousness.

Energy healing takes on various forms, and we actively explore a variety of modalities.

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Welcome to the optimal environment for healing and energy work, where the atmosphere is energized and shielded from external influences. With seven years of continuous charging, the palpable energy within this space offers a secure haven for dispelling and releasing negativity. It all goes into the fire. Join us to partake in a profound transformation through the medium of sound, and immerse yourself in this remarkable experience.

Meet the Energy Healing Facilitators

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Sound Meditation Event
Sound Healing Daniel Higgins
Daniel Higgins
Ran Suzuki Sound and Frequency Facilitator
Ran Suzuki
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Russell Webb

Daniel Higgins - Sound Facilitator

Daniel has been active in the sound therapy field for over 20 years. He shines in his role as lead facilitator in our sound bath events and plays the gong like a pro.  

“Greetings friends, as a licensed massage practitioner, sound healing has always been an integral part of the experience I create for clients.

Having done a sound healing workshop with Jonathan Goldman many years ago, he introduced me to toning, and overtone chanting.

I was introduced to the gong several years ago by a good friend who allowed me to play her four gongs for an entire afternoon and I fell in love.

It was then I knew the gong would be my center focus for sound healing along with drumming, didgeridoo, and toning. The gong is meant to overwhelm the conscious senses so we let go into a state of complete surrender and thus begins a journey of alignment with our Divine Self.

Come join us for this experience and surrender to your own journey!”

Ran Suzuki - Sound Facilitator

Ran plays a key role in our sound bath events as she plays a variety of instruments, including the angelic sounding monolina, and holds it all together. Ran is a reiki master and is an active energy healer. 

Greetings, Cosmic Souls! I’m a devoted Monolina player, journeying through resonance, frequencies and harmony.

With the Monolina as my instrument, I create immersive experiences that facilitate introspection and mindfulness. Through the gentle interplay of sound and silence, participants embark on journeys of self-discovery, navigating the depths of their consciousness. When you listen to the Monolina you will enter a state of brain waves called mid-αlpha, where anyone will be able to relax and be hyper-focused, allowing one to perform at their best.

Join us in the symphony of sound and vibration, as we harmonize our beings with the boundless energy of the cosmos. Let’s explore the depths of meditation and self-awareness through the celestial tones of the Monolina and, settling in profound stillness of existence.

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Russell Webb's BIO

Russell has over 20 years experience with drumming and specializes in trance and shamanic rhythms. Russell is a reiki master and active energy healer since 2012.

I started on my spiritual path around age 28 when I committed to a rigorous meditation practice with Taiu Ogura, a Rinzai Zen monk and teacher. I would sit for five years with Taiu every other day. This practice revealed the sneaky operations of ego and ‘mind.’ The pleasure of meditation continues today as Shakti frequently enters the experience.

I am trained in Reiki one and two and am a certified Reiki Master. This training helped with the development of distance and remote healing work.

I am trained in Theta Healing, one and two, and have certifications. Theta helps with emotional clearing work. These emotions appear as layers in the emotional body. This brief article describes the emotional layers.

I also trained with this amazing human for about seven years. One way to sum up this training is to see that its all about maintaining the quality of your energy – by working on yourself and your shadow, you clean and maintain your energy field. This creates the optimum environment for your energy healing practice. Many who take to healing work tend to skip this challenging task. This bypassing of the inner work, on an energetic level, is detrimental
for energy healers and the clients they are trying to help.

At about this time, around 2009 – I went into practice with plant medicines, traveling to Ecuador, Wales, and US locations for various Ayahuasca and Peyote ceremonies. This work continued for about five years, whereas a connection to healing Devi (Sachamama) was beginning to emerge. She would become a mirror and teach her ways as the grandmother: Love yourself.

I studied John Lash’s world class work on the Sophianic Myth Origin Story. This profound research would last for seven years and would open me up to the World of the Goddess. The Mahavidyas and Dakinis began to appear (still behind the veil) and participate in all Energy Healing sessions as witnessed by numerous participants. I would later learn the Devi’s were present and observing my path once my meditation practice began in earnest at age 28. I would also be told “you may think you have control over your path in life, but you do not. You are along for the ride and your destiny with the Devi’s prevails.”

Kundalini awakenings began around 2015. It started with a profound and intense shaktipat transmission lasting many days and then softening over the next weeks and months. The transmission was from David Spero. He would confirm the source as a direct transmission from the Great Mother. I sat with David weekly and online for about seven years. David is a wonderful teacher and a extraordinary generator of Shakti.

Now all Energy Healing work involves the love, grace, and Shakti that is the Great Mother. She is the earth. And she playfully (and wrathfully) emanates into the goddess in all forms in all cultures. She resides in bliss and shares her wisdom with all who align with her. She is the Awakener. Learn more about the Mahavidyas = Great Wisdoms, at my other site Braveworld.cc

There is more to learn and further awakenings. This is a journey of Becoming.

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