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Definition: A sound healing is a meditative and immersive experience where participants are enveloped in the therapeutic sounds of various instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and other resonant instruments.

The Benefits of Sound Healing

One strong benefit is witnessed with Enhanced Creativity and Intuition. Sound healing meditations can stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, which is associated with creativity, intuition, and non-linear thinking. Participants often report enhanced creative insights and a heightened sense of intuition after experiencing a sound healing session.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation:

The soothing and resonant sounds of a sound healing meditation have a profound effect on the nervous system, inducing a deep state of relaxation.

Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing:

Sound therapy incorporates instruments that resonate with specific energy centers (chakras) in the body. Chakras can be re-energized.

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Enhanced Meditation and Mindfulness:

The immersive nature of a sound healing meditation can greatly enhance meditation and mindfulness practices.

Emotional Release and Healing:

The vibrations and frequencies of sound can resonate with emotional blockages and tension stored within the body.

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Group Vocal Toning


"Lover of Life"


"Who am I ?"


"Everything is Energy"

Daniel Higgins

“Greetings friends, as a licensed massage practitioner, sound healing has always been an integral part of the experience I create for clients.

Having done a sound healing workshop with Jonathan Goldman many years ago, he introduced me to toning, and overtone chanting.

I was introduced to the gong several years ago by a good friend who allowed me to play her four gongs for an entire afternoon and I fell in love.

It was then I knew the gong would be my center focus for sound healing along with drumming, didgeridoo, and toning. The gong is meant to overwhelm the conscious senses so we let go into a state of complete surrender and thus begins a journey of alignment with our Divine Self.

Come join us for this experience and surrender to your own journey!”

Russell Webb

“Hey there, I’ve been playing this drum now for many years as a group facilitator.

I’ve always called our gatherings a ‘sound meditation’ and it’s a unique meditation because it allows for you to surrender into the sounds and get yourself into a quiet headspace.

I teamed up with Daniel when I moved to Sedona a few years ago and we found his Gong to be a perfect compliment in the meditation experience.

Recently we have added a full set of crystal singing bowls into the mix.  The bowls have a number of benefits where they have a direct impact on the mental processes, muscles, nervous system, heartbeat, pulse, digestive system, and circulatory system.

Come join us for one of the best sound healing experiences in Sedona.”

Ran Suzuki

Greetings, cosmic souls! I’m a devoted Monolina player, journeying through resonance frequencies and cosmic harmony.

With the Monolina as my instrument, I create immersive experiences that facilitate introspection and mindfulness. Through the gentle interplay of sound and silence, participants embark on journeys of self-discovery, navigating the depths of their consciousness. When you listen to Monolina for 10 minutes, you will enter a state of brain waves called mid-αlpha, where anyone will be able to relax and be hyper-focused, allowing one to perform at their best.

Join us in the cosmic symphony of sound and vibration, as we harmonize our beings with the boundless energy of the cosmos. Let’s explore the depths of meditation and self-awareness through the celestial tones of the Monolina and, settling in profound stillness of existence.

In the Bell Rock Vortex


Sedona - Village of Oak Creek. VOC is a small suburb of Sedona. Nearby, there is trail access to Bell Rock and Courthouse. We do all sound healings at a private residence near Bell Rock.

Private Group Sessions

Up to 16 can be accommodated comfortably here. Sound bath experience is perfect addition for special events and workshops. Contact us for larger groups.

How Long are Sessions?

In general, the sessions last 90 minutes. We have found this to be a nice balance of time to integrate the wide range of healing frequencies. Evening sessions are advised.

How much does it cost?

Check Individual session prices further down this page. You can use Venmo, Paypal, or pay cash at the door.
Daniel Higgins - Gong Master

Bathing in Sound: The Transformative Experience of a Gong Bath

The Gong is not just a musical instrument, but a powerful sonic tool that has evolved to become central to certain therapeutic practices like the “Gong Bath.” Unlike a traditional bath with water, a Gong Bath involves bathing in the rich and complex sound waves produced by the gong. It’s a form of sound therapy that aims to bring about healing and transformation on multiple levels, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

During a Gong Bath, you’ll typically lie down on yoga mats, and pillows and blankets to ensure comfort. The practitioner then begins to play the gong, usually starting softly and gradually building up the intensity and complexity of the sound. The sound waves produced by the gong are not just heard through the ears but are felt physically as they wash over the body. This immersive experience aims to induce a state of deep relaxation, triggering the brain to shift from its normal waking state to more tranquil states of consciousness, which are usually associated with meditation, and in some cases, deep sleep or trance-like states.

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Crystal Singing Bowls

The Crystal Singing Bowls are one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing. How they are played is fairly simple, by running the mallet around the bowl with slight pressure we can create the tone. This causes the bowl to sing.

Depending on the setup, your experience with crystal bowls will vary. We are using seven bowls, and each bowl emits a tone that aligns with the seven main chakras (energy centers) which appear as vortices in the subtle bodies of the auric field.

Healing effects have been witnessed with a significant reduction of stress and anxiety, immune system activations, lowering blood pressure, deep relaxation, and can increase mental and emotional clarity.

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Awakening the Spirit: Meditative Trance with the Mother Drum

The Mother Drum is a sacred and significant instrument, a powerful tool used in various spiritual practices, meditative rituals, and shamanic ceremonies. This large drum holds a deep cultural and spiritual significance, often revered as the heartbeat of the Earth and a channel to the spirit world. Crafted with intention and respect, the Mother Drum becomes a vessel for connecting individuals to their inner selves, the natural world, and the collective consciousness.

Physically, the Mother Drum is a substantial instrument, she is made from a hollowed-out redwood tree round and covered with a resonant bull hide Its size and construction contribute to its profound and resonant sound.

In shamanic drumming, the Mother Drum’s purpose goes beyond just creating rhythmic beats. The drumming is approached with deep reverence, and its rhythms are carefully crafted to induce altered states of consciousness, allowing individuals to access deeper realms of the mind and spirit. The vibrations and rhythms produced by the Mother Drum have the power to synchronize brain waves, guiding participants into meditative states, trances, and even facilitating spiritual journeys.

The Science of Sedona's Vortexes: Measurable Outflows and Inflows of Magnetic Energy That Effect Brainwaves

The entire region has been  tested with various scientific instruments and methods for over a decade.

For example, scientists have used portable EEG devices and magnetometers in the area and there appears to be clear connections made between the vortex energy and human brainwaves.  

The composition of the geology includes high levels of iron oxide in the sandstone and limestone. Add to this some volcanic basalt embedded with high quantities of quartz and you have a potent landscape for magnetic activities.

Specifically, these three excerpts from a USGS report about an aerial survey of the Sedona region found magnetic anomalies throughout the entire area:

– “The Precambrian crystalline basement is the most likely source of the broad magnetic high in the Sedona area. The long-wavelength nature of the magnetic high indicates that the source of the anomaly is buried.”

– ” The latites (containing 5-20% quartz), extruded from volcanic plugs tend to produce intense, somewhat ‘circular’ magnetic anomalies.”

– “Geologic structures, such as faults, often produce small magnetic fields that ‘distort’ the main magnetic field of the earth”

In addition, the quartz crystals themselves also emit magnetic forces. The result is likely a combination of these factors.

Transmitters and Receivers

How do these magnetic forces, fields, and flows affect humans?

There is some speculation that the layers and combinations of natural minerals and other factors could result in the region having characteristics similar to a type of natural transistor, transmitter or receiver or some kind.

Additionally, there are ancient volcanic lava shafts or tubes with distinct mineral composition in the region. These may provide channels for the geomagnetic energy being emitted from within the Earth resulting in a spinning or vortex form of energy.

That outflow of magnetic energy then returns to Earth nearby as an inflow vortex. These outflows and inflows may affect humans in different ways.

Source: Electrical Engineer Benjamin Lonetree Explores Magnetic Energy Vortexes –

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